Cees van der Burg

Since I was fifteen years old, I’ve aspired to become an entrepreneur. The opportunity presented itself in September 2021. My motivation is to genuinely assist various businesses with practical solutions. Thanks to my extensive experience at corporate companies like Fokker and Saint-Gobain, as well as private owned companies such as LibĂ©ma. I can easily navigate and establish connections between different functions and aspects within an organisation. I understand how they operate. Making that translation is truly my strength. I provide insight into the big picture.

Our mission is to help organisations take a step in their professional maturity. Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of specialists within the organisation, we collaborate on a plan to facilitate that step, enabling them to subsequently handle the execution themselves.
This way, an HR department can truly add value to the organisation.
What I find beautiful about Optimise Human Factor is our approach. It’s unique. We work with the team itself, teaching a practical methodology. We strategically think with talent to make solutions practically executable.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Brabant in a family with an Indonesian mother and a Dutch father. I have an nineteen-year-old son and a seventeen-year-old daughter. Being socially involved is vital to me, whether it’s taking care of our environment by picking up litter or volunteering at the volleyball and hockey club.

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