How do we serve your HR organisation?

30 minutes meeting

Book a free 30-min consultation to assess your company’s needs and potentials. Along the way we will provide you with some insights to help you on the most burning platforms.

A first-time assessment comes free of charge

One day analyses

You are convinced? Within just one day we do the research needed to map out the current HR technology. Afterwards, you can expect a management summary, outlining a clear vision on the possibilities for more visibility and measurability within your HR organisation

One day analyses
€ 999 ex. BTW

pre-master HR Techo get to know our methodologies

pre-master HR Tech
one month deep analysis
€ 9.999 ex. BTW

Mastering HR

To equip your Human Resources organisation with all necessary tools, we will work together with your crew over the course of 6 months. Teaching each member of your team how to use People Analytics, create a tailored management method and help you and your company take that leap towards rewarding, more efficient processes

Mastering HR has a duration time of 6 months.

“Are you sure you don’t want to work in Finance?” – Geert, CFO

“Cees is a dedicated, analytical and strong people manager. Who is capable to get the most out of the business by working in an excellent way with customers. He not only leads his team, but finds a way to continuous improve themself.” Bert, General Manager

“I shouldn’t be talking to you. You understand things too fast, too well.” – Freek, Director Strategy

“I have been through many reorganisations, but never was one so organised and neatly” – An employee who just has been layed-off