Crafting the Roll-Out Strategy:
Success is achieved through full adoption.

How do we achieve this?

A successful roll-out goes beyond simply directing people to find documents. It involves effectively communicating the goals and benefits of the new process to those impacted.

Collaborating with your stakeholder teams, we create a communication plan that addresses different groups, outlines communication methods, and provides answers to potential questions. This will encourage a smooth transition.

Our deliverable

The program concludes with a streamlined, automated process that has garnered unanimous approval and is fully embraced by stakeholders, meeting the specific needs of the organisation.

Investment for Your Team

To develop the communication plan, we request approximately one hour from stakeholders to ensure a tailored and effective approach for engaging target groups. Depending on the chosen methods, collaboration with the Internal Communications department, ICT, or the management assistant team may be necessary for executing the communication roll-out seamlessly.