Our approach during a pre-master Human Resources

In this program your HR department gets to know our methodology. Over the course of one month, we take your HR team on a journey, designed to their needs, during which one of the biggest problems of the team is analysed and solved. For details on the measures taken and pricing, please see below.
The goal of our methodology is to transform the ways your HR department works, all while using the same HR technology you have been using all along, and without paperwork.


We start with a deep-dive into the process which is posing the most pressing issues.


Harnessing HR technology for its intended purpose: To make everyone’s life easer.

The process

The actual work: we map out the process and we map out possibilities for improvement.

The roll-out

The key to success at this stage lies in clear communication that ensures everyone understands the change about to happen. We actively support and guide your managers and employees, making certain that the new processes are not only embraced but also effectively utilised.