The process

The core task at hand: we will be revisiting the procedural framework to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.

How do we achieve this?

To gain a comprehensive grasp of the process, we host a workshop involving key stakeholders in this chosen process. This includes not only Human Resources personnel but also representatives from departments like Finance, ICT, Compliance, and beyond. Post-workshop, we will provide you with a well-defined overview of the existing process and its challenges. In subsequent smaller-group workshops, we strategise on resolving these challenges.

Our deliverable

At the conclusion of this phase, we present the refined process map featuring evident improvements and a functional description outlining opportunities for automation.

What is the commitment for your team?

The initial workshop in this phase spans 2 to 4 hours and ideally includes all stakeholders associated with the selected process, this approach engages multiple teams beyond just the HR team. Subsequent follow-up workshops, lasting one hour each, involving stakeholders who perceive themselves as accountable for addressing the identified pain points.